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    H-H'S Herbal Protein Powder, Buy Herbal Protein Powder Online

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    H-H'S Herbal?Protein Powder?:??

    H-H'S Herbal Protein Powder is Protein Powder. It's a perfect blend of extract of Soyabean, Khatika, Milk, Amla, Gajar which are essential for the body. The blend is supported by Yashad Bhasma & Tamar Bhasma. It's rich source of fibers, protein, calcium and vitamins. It has anti-oxidants properties, help to boost immunity and energy levels. It supports healthy bones, muscles, nervous system and heart.

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    Main Ingredients :?Extract of?Soyabeen, Carrot, Amla,?Khatika, Milk Powder, Yasad Bhsam, Tamar Bhsam.

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    About Ingredients :?Soyabeen?has high protein, fiber & Omega 3 Fatty acid. Khatika?is a rich source of Calcium which helps to keep bones strengthen. Milk Powder?has same nutritions as Milk i.e. Vitamins, Calcium , Protein etc. Amla is a perfect source of Vitamins, Antioxidants and much more which support Healthy Digestion, & Improve Liver Health. Its good for eyes and hair.? Gajar is perfect source of Calcium, Vitamins and Fibers which keep bones healthy.?

    How to?Use?:?1-Open the seal of pouch. 2- Take one teaspoon powder. 3-Mix Properly in One Glass (appx. 200 ml) Lukewarm Water or Milk. 4-Drink.

    Haridra HH Powder9.jpg?Haridra HH Powder 2_1.jpg?Haridra HH Powder 3.jpg?Haridra HH Powder 4.jpg

    Dosage?:?1 Teaspoon twice a day with lukewarm water/milk or as directed by Physician.


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    Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
    24 Months from Manufacture
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    H-H'S Herbal Protein Powder, Buy Herbal Protein Powder Online

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    H-H'S Herbal Protein Powder, Buy Herbal Protein Powder Online

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